Drupal - ddblock Custom Themes

You have ddblock configured and working, now you're ready to take it to the next level and make it your own. To get to that next level, you need to build a custom theme. This tutorial is going to take you through building a custom theme to use with ddblock and how to make ddblock recognize the custom theme.

Drupal - Redirects for Clean URLs

You've decided to convert an old site to Drupal and now you are wondering how can you use all of the powers of Drupal without ruining the SEO that you have already established. The simple answer to that is by adding permanent redirects into your htaccess file. If you have clean URLs turned on for your instance of Drupal, the way you have to add permanent redirects is by using REWRITE statements. You are going to want to add any of these statements prior to any of the other REWRITE statements you have setup in your htaccess file.

Drupal - Setting up ddblock

Using Dynamic display block (ddblock) to display highlights of content is incredible. The flexibility provided by this module is amazing and the setup/configuration is fairly simple. I'm going to break the setup down to the basics and walk you through setting up your first advanced ddblock. This tutorial is going to show you how to use ddblock to display content based on a content type utilizing CCK. There are other tutorials out there already outlining this, but I am going to compile mine with a few tips to hopefully prevent you from having some of the initial issues that I may have had.

Facebook - Fan Page Events Simplified

Facebook continues to change how their entire site works and with each change they also change how Fan Pages work. To create a Facebook event for a Fan Page has become much simpler than it was in the past. Follow these easy steps: